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Welcome to Sumner Products!

We have been outfitting large offices, restaurants, and retail spaces in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Southern Maryland area with Plexiglass shields around each desk, reception area, and common areas, protecting the company employees and visitors from the spread of the Coronavirus. We would like to extend our services to you!

With children, staff, employees, teachers, and visitors' safety and security being of the utmost importance right now, our fast, efficient, customizable services will help reduce the growth of Covid-19 as businesses and schools come back.

Our Plexiglass and/or Lexan can be custom cut, fitting any size desk or workspace. We are flexible and happy to find solutions within your budget.
Our experienced team is familiar with working closely with our clients, meeting all of their needs, and creating a safe workplace. 
Our Virginia based company, Sumner Furniture and Design would be honored to assist the DMV in getting back to school safer and sooner.
- Brendan Boyle, Systems Engineer

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